We Service Braidwood, Braceville, Wilmington, Custer Park, Wilmington, Essex. Gardner, Godley, and Wilmington.

Dog Waste Management

We offer a year-round dog waste management service. The initial pick-up will add a $30 fee to the first bill. Pick-ups occur once weekly or once bi-weekly (every 2 weeks). Rates reflect standard yard size (1/3 acre). Estimates are available for larger yards.


Yards must be easily accessible with unlocked gates. We request that yards are maintained by being cut regularly and free of large amounts of leaves/debris. Please understand that we can only pick up the visible waste. Please keep aggressive dogs indoors on scheduled service days.

Snow Policy

We do pick-up year-round; however, if there is 1" or more of snowfall the evening before or the day of the scheduled visit or there are winds that cause snowdrifts, your visit will be postponed to the following scheduled visit. In order to prevent accumulation, we only pick up the waste visible on top of the snow.

Severe Weather

Rain, freezing rain, ice, sleet, severe flooding, extreme heat, or freezing temperatures (32 degrees or below) will cause your visit to be postponed to the next scheduled visit. Weekly Rates:

  • 1 Dog: $18 per yard/week
  • 2 Dogs: $20 per yard/week
  • 3 Dogs: $22 per yard/week

Bi-Weekly Rates:

  • 1 Dog: $21 per yard/bi-weekly
  • 2 Dogs: $23 per yard/bi-weekly
  • 3 Dogs: $25 per yard/bi-weekly

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