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We sincerely appreciate the trust you have given us to care for your pets. In order to provide the best care possible for your pet, and everyone's pet entrusted to our care, it's important that all clients understand and follow our policies and procedures. These policies have no expiration date. Once you have read and acknowledged our policies, you agree to abide by them for as long as you continue to use Pet Parade Pet Services for your Boarding, Day Care and Pet Care needs. All policy changes will be made on the Pet Parade Pet Services website and sent to the customer on invoices


Pet Parade Pet Services is available year-round, 7 days per week. Holidays and summer months tend to book quickly, so please reserve early.


Single visits require same-day payment. Weekly packages and vacation packages require payment upfront at the beginning of each week or vacation reservation. Boarding and Doggy Daycare packages require a 50% deposit when the reservation is made with the balance due on the first day of the service. Returned checks are subject to a $30.00 service charge. Methods of payment include cash, check, credit card & PayPal.

Cancellation Policy

Pet Parade Pet Services' cancellation policy protects both the customer and Pet Parade Pet Services to make sure that we are mutually committed to providing the best possible service for your pet and for Pet Parade Pet Services to be able to adequately schedule their staff for services. Especially in the pet sitting world, where we can only be in one place at a time, these policies are particularly important. The cancellation policy is found under the policy tab on our website. It is also on the invoice and handed to the customers at the initial get together. In order to best serve your needs, and due to Pet Parade Pet Services scheduling a specific time for your pet(s) and the possibility that we may have to turn away other potential clients for that time, the cancellation policy is as follows: Daily Visits, Dog Waste Maintenance, and Walks are subject to a 24-hour cancellation notice. If a cancellation notice has been provided with less than 24-hours notice or not been provided at all, you will be charged in full for the service. Vacation Packages, Boarding, and Doggy Daycare are subject to a 7-day cancellation notice, (other than holiday packages), for there to be no cancellation charge. If you cancel less than 7-days, prior to the first day of your scheduled service, (other than holiday packages) you will incur a fee of 50% of the total service that you are canceling. There will be no refund for early return for scheduled boarding or doggy daycare. No early return refunds will be issued without 24-hour notice for the remaining balance for in-home vacation packages. Holiday Boarding Package Cancellations. Please understand that we are very busy for all holiday visits and have limited availability/vacancies. If a holiday falls anytime during your scheduled vacation package, it is considered a holiday package. If you cancel more than 14-days in advance, prior to the first day of your scheduled service, there is no cancellation charge. If you cancel less than 14-days in advance, prior to the first day of your scheduled service you will incur a fee of 50% of the total service that you are cancelling. A Pet Parade boarding day is for 24 hours from drop off. For example, if you drop-off at noon, we ask that you pick-up by noon. Please pick-up by the appropriate pick-up time or you will be subject to an additional day's fee for boarding. Balance is due at or before the time of drop-off. There will be no refund for early return for scheduled boarding. Boarding drop-off and pick-up hours are by appointment only and are between the hours of 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. daily. Please let us know if you need to pick up or drop off outside of our normal boarding times, as a $20 fee will incur. We do not take female dogs in heat, pregnant dogs, or dog /people/ food aggressive dogs. There will be no exceptions. Dogs must be leashed at drop-off and pick-up. While we are open on holidays. We do not accept boarding drop-offs or pick-ups on the holidays.

Spayed and Neutered Dog Policy

Unlike other kennels, we do not require your pet to be spayed or neutered to board with us. However, we CANNOT have dogs in heat in our facility at any time. Dogs in heat are a disruption to the entire kennel, so please understand if your pet comes into heat while staying with us you will be asked to pick them up immediately. In the event you cannot pick up immediately, your pet will be isolated and you will incur a boarding charge of $100.00 per day.

Boarding Vaccination Policy

All pets shall be vaccinated, by a licensed veterinarian, and up to date on the following vaccines. Dogs: 1-or 3-year DALPP or DAPP Distemper/Parvo; 1- or 3-year Rabies; Bordetella (kennel cough), Canine Influenza and flea and tick preventative. Vaccinations must be current and vaccination records must be provided before or at time of drop-off or dog(s) will not be allowed to be boarded. Vaccination records will be returned at the time of pick-up.

Boarding Owner's Property Policy

Pet Parade Pet Services will not be held responsible for lost or damaged property. To protect the owner's property, personal bedding will be removed if the dog is chewing on it and replaced with Pet Parade Pet Service's bedding. Personal bedding must be washable. If it is not washable, we will not place it in the kennel. It's important that all boarders have clean, dry bedding in their kennels at all times. Bedding will be washed & dried if a water bowl gets spilled on it, or it becomes soiled. While personal bedding is being washed, Pet Parade Pet Service's bedding will be provided.

Boarding Toys and Treat's Policy

Toys, bones, rawhides, or CET treats are allowed in the kennels only at the owner's discretion as they may be a choking hazard, however they are only allowed at the owner's verbal consent or if provided by the owner. Treats, jerky, and biscuits that are consumed immediately are ok and provided per owner request. Injury Consent. Pet Owners shall understand and accept that the owners and staff of Pet Parade Pet Services will not be held liable for any injuries or death sustained by their dog while under their care.

Boarding Items to bring with for your pet(s) stay

Pet Parade Pet Services asks that you bring current vaccination records, collar, leash, food, and a water and food dish. You are welcome to bring a bed/blanket and any other special item.

Boarding Communicable Disease Acknowledgement and Release

A Communicable Disease is an illness that dogs contract when they commune together. Some common examples are kennel cough, and conjunctivitis (eye infection). Kennel Cough (Bordetella) is one of the most common illnesses that dogs contract. There are variations in strains of Bordetella and the current vaccines are not designed to cross-protect against all types. The label descriptions on vaccines do not indicate complete protection from infection or clinical signs. Even if your dog is vaccinated, there is still a risk of them contracting this illness. We require the Bordetella vaccine because it is the best practice in protecting your pet, as well as, the other pets in our care. While Pet Parade Pet Services takes all reasonable steps to avoid communicable diseases, there is still a risk of acquiring a communicable disease while boarding. In the event, a pet(s) contracts such a disease while boarding, the owner will assume all the risks and agree to pay the costs of all treatments, exams, diagnostics, and medications, etc. The pet owner will further agree to hold the owners and staff of Pet Parade Pet Services harmless from expenses incurred for such treatment.

Client Drop-off/Pick-up

When dropping off your dog(s), please walk your dog(s) on a leash to the gate so we can greet you and get your dog(s). We ask clients to not come all the way to the kennels as this could startle the dogs in our care. When picking up your dog(s), please go to the gate and your dog(s) will be brought to you on their leash. Do not open the gate or enter the yard without assistance from Pet Parade Pet Services. It is our policy to bring dogs to and from the kennel without the clients for safety reasons and to minimize stress on our guests. This step prevents the dogs from becoming agitated or fearful due to the sight of stranger.

Client Referral Program

For every referral made that results in a paid service offered by Pet Parade Pet Services, you will receive $10.00 off any service offered by Pet Parade Pet Services.

Initial Get Together

Pet Parade Pet Services requires setting a short visit to meet so that we may get to know your pet(s) prior to your first visit. This is a complimentary service.

Complimentary Services

These services are included in express visit services offered by Pet Parade Pet Services.

  • Initial Get Together.
  • Text or Email update. - A quick summary on your pet.
  • Playtime.
  • Towel-dry in wet or snowy weather. - Both fur and paws will be towel dried.
  • Food and water replenishment.
  • Administering oral medications only.

Vacation Package Complimentary Services

These services are included in Vacation Package.

  • Initial Get Together.
  • Mail / Package Retrieval on property.
  • Rotating lighting and blinds to afford an occupied appearance.
  • Put out and bring in trash cans.
  • Text or Email update - A quick summary on your pet.
  • Playtime.
  • Towel-dry in wet or snowy weather. - Both fur and paws will be towel dried.
  • Food and water replenishment.
  • Administering oral medications only.

Emergency Release and Medical Treatment Authorization Pet owners must understand that if the need arises medical treatment for their pet will be provided by the vet of the owner's choice. If the vet is not available, Pet Parade Pet Services will use the first available vet. The pet owner will consent to all treatments and agree to pay all costs associated with such treatment. The pet owner will understand that someone from Pet Parade Pet Services will attempt to notify them at the phone number(s) provided and that if they cannot be reached in a reasonable amount of time they authorize the owner of Pet Parade Pet Services to make all medical decisions for their pet(s).

Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Pricing and Policies

By paying an invoice either partially or in full the pet owner acknowledges that they have read, understand, and agree to the home visit, vacation, boarding, daycare, dog walking, dog waste management, and all other services offered by Pet Parade Pet Services pet care policies and prices of Pet Parade Pet Services and give their consent for those requiring it. The pet owner will further acknowledge that they have been encouraged and provided the opportunity to discuss all their questions and concerns with Pet Parade Pet Services and they have been answered to their satisfaction. All pricing (except Boarding, Doggy Daycare, and Dog Waste Management) includes up to two pets (fees for additional pets can be found under the service requested on the Rates and Services page). Please see Boarding, Doggy Daycare and Dog Waste Management for pricing. Prices are subject to change. Pet Parade Pet Services does not provide any grooming services at this time. We do our best to arrive at your home at your requested time. However, due to the number of clients that we service, we reserve the right of a 2-hour time window for our arrival.

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